Instagram Verses PinterestFor a more visual social network, which one will you choose? What would benefit your business more? Maybe you should weigh the pros and cons of Instagram verses Pinterest…

Now, Instagram makes it simple to create stunning photos that make your business look professional and creative. In addition, Instagram is able to apply digital filters to photos, while Pinterest cannot within the application. Pinterest users pin existing photos or alter their own before pinning in programs such as Canva. In addition, every pin has a link to the source of the image, typically an external site. Therefore, one of the main goals for businesses on this platform is generating website traffic and using Pinterest for SEO purposes. Instagram only has one place you can direct people to a link and that’s in the profile bio.

Now compared with Pinterest, men and women are more evenly represented on Instagram. Fifty percent of the Instagram users are outside of the US, which makes this network more of a global demographic. This network is also more popular with the younger crowd. Approximately, two-thirds are between the ages of 18-34 and popularity does drop down a bit with the older age. However, main Pinterest users are predominantly female… In fact, women account for about 70 percent of Pinterest users and are about five times as likely to use the virtual scrap-booking tool as men. This is the largest gender difference of any social network out there! Lastly, Pinterest users tend to skew a little bit older.

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