AnalyticsIf you have your business set up and running for a while now, and need to make some marketing changes, then why not consider using analytics? You need to know your customer’s interests, lifestyle, and habits and to get a better sense of their overall identity. This can result in more customer loyalty for your business.

Now, with content management systems, there are various plugins that can help to measure site stats, and this will aid in streamlining your process of delivering content that your customers will enjoy. You need to find your exact audience, who’s visiting your site, where they are coming for, and what they are actually reading. You can help to manage this with keywords, messages and content relevant to your ideal customers.

Then, you have Facebook insights that can provide information about those who are most engaged with your brand. Knowing the general age range of your fans (as well as their gender) can provide possible acquisitions. Then, you have stats for each individual post, so you can determine which ones are perceived well and which ones aren’t.

Lastly, you can track all of your followers, connections, and likes on all of your social media platforms by using a spreadsheet and reviewing them on a biweekly or monthly basis. Of course, this is not as detailed as Facebook insights or the advance plugin options, but it is definitely a place to start…

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