content What content do you share with your audience on a daily basis? What formats do you use? Maybe you use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, or even something else? Do you focus on profiles, pages, groups, or all of the above? However, no matter what platform or network you use, do you share premade videos, blog posts, live videos, quotes, or images? Believe it or not it does matter… 

Now the real question is, how do you know what to share for continuous, positive results? The answer really does lie within analytics review such as engagements, site stats, etc. Basically, whether the numbers are high or low, they do not lie to you. 

It is actually more about the comments that your audience makes rather than just having them follow you. Anyone and everyone can follow you, but if they do not interact with you, then you have a real problem. Having reactions with a love or a wow button are truly more beneficial than just a like button.  

So based on this information, think for a moment about the current posts you have done over the last month. Which perform the best for you and achieve the effect you ultimately need? Maybe it was the live videos you have on a weekly basis, or maybe it is your written word that has sparked some interest. 

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