EtsyWhether you are trying to sell home decor, jewelry, crafts, dresses, art, books, or even toys going to Etsy is your best bet. If your products are handcrafted, vintage, custom, or unique, then once again Etsy is the way to go. However, how do you go about marketing your very own independent online store?    

Let’s start by reviewing these possible promoting ideas and various platforms… 

Pinterest: Make your Pinterest boards as good as your store. Pin daily and be sure to use keywords that describe your products to make your pins more discoverable. Plus, always link pins back to your Etsy store.

Facebook: On your Facebook page, you can easily create ADs to drive traffic to your Etsy store, or do lives on your profile showing off all your new products in a weekly series. 

Instagram: Use your Instagram profile to build your store in a creative and more visual way. Use a lot of hashtags to allow users to easily discover your brand. Include a link back to your store in your profile information, and include product numbers or names in each post. That way, the user can easily search for each product after leaving your post. 

SEO: Search engine optimization, although not necessarily directly part of social media, is still very important. Using clear and concise titles, multiple images, and searchable keywords are just a few ways to ensure your store receives many visitors. 

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