social media and funnels

So, are you hesitant to get into the funnel realm? Well, there are many interesting aspects to it that most people aren’t aware of… 

Social media usually appears at the top of the funnel, at the exact polar opposite from the sale. It’s no wonder that bosses, clients, and teams have difficulty being fully on board with prioritizing social media as an avenue. According to the funnel, you don’t make your money from social media — at least, not directly. 

Now, social media covers the full spectrum of the buying process, everything from awareness, interest, engagement, action, all the way through to advocacy. 

Everything on this spectrum from viewing a profile to selling a product, can happen with social media. Just as a user moves through from awareness and beyond, so does a social media lead go from viewing, following, interacting, and buying. 

To put it plain and simple, you go from viewing, following, mentioning, DM, PM, subscribing, replying, following up, and making a sale. This is certainly a valuable exercise to think through the buyer’s journey. At the same time, it might feel great to recognize that your customers — especially those from social media — are taking a less-and-less linear journey toward closing the deal. 

So, what does this mean for the concept of the traditional funnel? Well, it will still be there, this is just a turn in the road… 

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