Stop and picture this… You have tons of amazingly creative ideas and are starting your new business. Maybe you’re launching a book or even a new service inside your existing company. You might be able to pull a few strings to get a virtual event going to celebrate your achievement, put out a blog, or record a live video about it. 

Then, you start listing all the things you need, and press coverage come up as your biggest challenge. Now, there are many ways to get value out of press releases. They are short, written content, but pack a powerful punch! This is where the effectiveness of a well-crafted press release comes into play.  

Some of the major benefits of press releases include: 

1 Immediate exposure to an established audience

2 Affordable cost

3 Potential sales increase

4 Major SEO benefits

5 Increased web traffic to your website

6 Social sharing potential

7 Builds a working relationship with PR firm

8 Possibility for return customers

9 Helps you establish a new marketing channel

10 Provides authenticity to your brand

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