audience So, you want to gain your audience’s attention? How do you go about focusing your audience? Well, here are some tips to make this happen… 

Tell a story

People take naturally to stories. Narratives are a social tool we use to convey many experiences. We find it easier to listen to a story rather than to facts, statements, or stats. Use real-life and invented examples, plus use illustrative metaphors to prove your points. 

Use emotional inflections in your voice

If you aren’t emotionally invested in whatever you’re speaking about, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Be sure to show that emotion to the people listening to you. Get angry if the statistics call for it. Get excited about the solutions you propose. Without that emotional inflection, you might as well be robotic. 

Use the power of louds and softs

Speaking in one constant tone will bore your viewers, even if you somehow manage to put some emotion behind it. Certainly, some points are more compelling or more important than others. Use the power of louds and softs to accentuate those differences. 

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