When you become an entrepreneurial leader, there’s one skill you must learn to master and that’s delegating. Some people think it takes too much of their time and attention to delegate work, but there’s a big upside to this process. If done correctly, you will find people are more productive and happier. When they know you trust them it boosts their motivation to get the job done and get it done well! 

However, delegation isn’t as easy as it sounds. To do it effectively, you must do more than just assign a task. Good delegation begins with strong feedback. Be sure to contribute both positive and negative feedback, so the person you’re giving responsibility to will understand exactly what they’re doing well and how they need to improve. 

Now, exceptional performance is more likely to continue if it’s recognized and rewarded. Saying something simple like excellent job, providing a small bonus or gift card, or giving out project management tasks shows real confidence. (Project management especially shows and instills great ongoing performance.)  

Always include detailed instructions, whether that be verbal, written in an email, or even both forms of communication for that matter. Also, don’t be afraid to teach a new skill to your team members. This will help to create less stress for you and your team. If everyone is happy with the progress, then the company will thrive. 

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