Understanding where your audience is for content consumption has a lot to do with trends. Let’s review possibilities… 

Mobile Consumption on the Rise: If your website isn’t mobile friendly now, you’re going to lose out. More people are consuming content via mobile today than they are on laptops. Many workplaces have blocked certain types of websites from their workers, so they’ve moved to their mobile devices during the day.

Content Must Be Original: If you want to attract people to consume your content, make it new and frequent. The days of spreading the same content throughout the web in the form of reused isn’t helpful. You can still participate in things like guest blogging, but all the content that you contribute needs to be unique and not used again elsewhere. 

Content Needs to Be Targeted: Create unique and focused content that puts your target audience first. You’ll be more successful in your business growth.

Content Needs to Be Multimedia: Video, infographics, images, audio, eBooks, articles, blog posts and more should all be used together to create a storm of content that works together to promote. 

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