emailIf you’re blogging about your products or services, then you need to let people know how great they really are… So, how do you go about doing this? The answer is email…

Email is an extremely powerful, marketing tool that can reach a lot of individuals on a daily basis! Using email marketing software is a must have tool at your disposal such as Constant Contact

By using lists, templates, and campaigns, it can truly benefit you in many ways, and here’s how…

  1. Email will get you in front of your readers constantly: Your readers may have found you on Twitter, Pinterest or even while using a search engine. However, the odds aren’t high that they’ll remember you, even if they’ve visited your site. Unless of course, you can capture their email address with a simple subscription option to opt-in! By sending out an email a couple times a week, and reminding them of your amazing blog posts, you’ll create a definite fan and even a possible client!
  2. It will help you with SEO traffic to your website: Bloggers will send out an email every time there’s a new post because it’s a great way to drive traffic.  Now as your list continues to grow, it can become a very powerful, marketing tool that will help with your SEO. Every time someone opens an email that automatically generates an increase in your open/click rate. Suddenly, you have people who open that email and see you have a new post. So, even if only a small percentage of people actually click through to see that post on your website, within a short amount of time, that’s absolutely effective.
  3. It’s a great way to grow your social media channels: Now, the more you engage with your audience, the more likely they’re to click through. There’s a chance though that your readers aren’t following you on all of your social media platforms (FB, IG, etc.) Email is a fantastic way to remind them about the places you share your content. Plus, if you happen to run a giveaway or a contest on those particular channels, it will help them to grow faster. In addition, be sure to invite all of your followers to join your email list as well!

As you can see there is tremendous value in email software! It’s so important for your business to expand and grow. So, do you need a marketing, writer who can assist you with this particular technique and technology? If yes, then please feel free to contact us, simply by clicking right HERE. We have the writer that can help you to market, right now! In the meantime, please feel free to like us on FACEBOOK, then go and follow us on TWITTER.