FacebookSo, you have all your social networks set up and posts scheduled through your management system. However, you still want to get more out of social media marketing. Would you like to increase you fans on Facebook? Wondering how to go about it? You might need to think outside the box and about adding more fan-centric content. So, what would that actually involve?

Let’s start by reviewing the following tips:

  1. Starting a conversation with relevant content: Basically, do not just post advertisements for your products or services. Make posts with relevant article information. For example, if you own a computer company make technology based articles about virus and new software. That way, your fans can chime in on the conversation.
  2. Enable sharing and create call to actions: Sharing allows your posts to spread quickly throughout Facebook. Then, creating a call to action will encourage clicks to what ever page you link, such as your website, a landing page, etc.
  3. Developing action based incentives: Use sign up or join now to receive a discount or coupon. FB allows you create newsletter or customer relationship management  forms.
  4. Then, there are very simple things to consider, such as including widgets for FB on your main website, invite people to like your page via your email marketing campaigns, add your page in your email signature, use FB ADs on a monthly basis, add your link to your personal FB profile page, tag friends, use the “suggest/invite friends” option, and much more…

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