pinterestSo, you want to start your very own Pinterest page? You might be wondering what should your boards be about… general business, accounting, marketing, retail, entrepreneurs, corporation, etc.

First, you need to come up with a catchy title and description for people to be able to search for you. The second thing to do is to create your topics. Perhaps, you should make a list in a spreadsheet, and then under each topic create keywords to go along with it; aka your subtopics. For example, use marketing, then underneath list email marketing, social media marketing, advertising, product marking, etc.

Next, decide what type of content you want to upload such as pictures, videos, blog posts, articles, websites and more… Of course, no matter what images you use, it definitely has to be of high quality. You need to make sure that they are extremely creative and vision worthy. Show your customers/clients what your mission is really all about and be very specific with your goals.

Lastly, you need to do some research on competitor boards and see what they have come up with. You might even get a few ideas from them and you could create a group board with them. If you choose to do this, it will help you to discover and connect with other pinners. You can even send invites out to others, so they can come and join your boards. Therefore, making your followers grow for your business, which can lead to more site stats and even more profits.

So, when are you planning on joining Pinterest? If you don’t have the time, then please feel free to contact us HERE for more assistance with your business. We are more than happy to help out! In the meantime, like with us on FACEBOOK and follow us TWITTER.