seminarsOnline seminars, are also referred to as webinars, are popular for all kinds of businesses. Online seminars are convenient, inexpensive, and most importantly they are effective. They are a great way to teach others and pass on knowledge without having to travel.  

There are five main reasons to host one and they include… 

1 Building Awareness for your Business: Webinars are great for getting the word out about your business. You can do them almost impromptu, from any location in the world with an internet connection, of course. With some software, you can even phone in to host. 

2 Grow Your Business: Some of your audience probably love reading your blog posts, or downloading your information pamphlets. However, some people will learn better from attending a live event. They like the interaction that’s possible with a live event and are more likely to trust you once you hold one. 

3 Expand Your Email List: If you collect email addresses of those who are attending, you’ll grow your email list by each attendee who wasn’t on your list previously. If you host a low-cost or even a free event, then you will get even more attendees and newsletter sign-ups. People are more likely to trust their information with those that they get to interact with on a live basis. 

4 Establish Yourself as an Expert: When you embark on public speaking you automatically raise your profile to others. You’ll be seen as even more of an expert than you were before due to your public speaking ability and willingness. This is especially true, if you’ve created an amazing presentation and offer a chance for the audience to ask questions, which you’ll answer asap.

5 Create Teaching Products: Using a seminar to create new products is a great way to repurpose content that you already have. If you’ve written any, “How To” blog posts or created any videos, you can turn these into a seminar very easily. Then, you can record the seminar and turn that into one or maybe more products to sell later on… 

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