facebook Do you have a lot of likes on your Facebook business page, but maybe not enough engagements on your individual posts? Well, there are a few ways you can improve those measurements and make them reach great heights!

First, tell a story in your post.
People tend to remember stories! The reason why stories work so well is because it’s personal, and your fans might have a similar situation that they’re going through. This allows you to connect with them on the same level.

Another type of post can be a behind-the-scenes shots of your business. Behind-the-scenes photos help to humanize your business and makes you stand out from the competition. Transparency is what fans really want. More and more businesses are open to this concept and are seeing great engagement results.

Of course, be sure to post a lot of selfies! Selfies are some of the most popular posts on Facebook. When done right, a well-posted selfie can do a lot for your strategy. It not only humanizes your brand, but gives it a personality of it’s own.

Lastly, make sure you share random thoughts such as, “What’s on your mind today?” Just share whatever comes to mind and see how your fans respond to it. If you don’t take a chance and make that post, then you’ll never know if some of your fans are thinking the same thing. This particular post can spice things up a bit, and don’t be surprised if it’s your most responsive post!

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