stories Stories on Facebook and Instagram help you connect with your audience through full-screen photos and videos. After you post your content, it will only be visible for 24 hours. This actually allows for more visibility than even from your newsfeed posts. 

Now, here are some ways to make it work to your full advantage… 

Experiment and get creative: There are a variety of creative tools you can use within Instagram and Facebook to help catch your viewer’s eye. Simply click on the icon that smiles and you’ll find GIFs, Emojis, fonts, music, etc. You also have a variety of stickers like hashtags, polls, countdowns, questions, and much more… Then, use your stories insights to see what content has a real impact. 

Crosspost your Instagram stories to Facebook: Now, your followers and potential audience might be just one platform or perhaps both platforms. However, you can increase your reach and distribution by leveraging both. 

Tell the whole story: All the best stories have a beginning, middle, and end that keep people engaged throughout. Sometimes that means uploading multiple stories, which can be done through the camera icon on Instagram. 

Be concise: Be strategic about the frequency of posting and how long they are. You may lose your audience’s attention towards the end of a very long story. 

Story Highlights: This is a way to keep your stories around for more than 24 hours. They appear on your profile below your bio and it’s still a nice way to engage your audience. 

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