For a long time, social media and content marketing may have seemed very interchangeable. When in reality, they’re actually really different from each other. Even though there can be quite an overlap, the easiest way to think about their relationship is that content is needed in order to drive social media.

Now, social media is most essential during two key content marketing processes. These involve listening actively to your audience to understand what they truly care about (so you can create content that they’ll find relevant), and distributing content (from your business as well as from others, which is a very important approach to consider using).

Now, you really can’t have one without the other. Basically, one marketing function won’t replace the other by any means necessary. Social media channels are the tentacles, which your content extends. It opens up a direct line of communication and engagement with your clients and potential clients as well.

Stop and take a minute to think about all of your social network accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. They do have a combination of both marketing features. What is your goal with these profiles and business pages? What content are your planning on sharing and resharing? What is your marketing strategy? What marketing and media content are you going to leverage? There are a lot of queries to ponder over…

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