email marketing Do you want to start sending newsletters out to your subscriber lists via your email service provider (ESP)? By creating email marketing campaigns, you can expand your marketing strategy drastically! Having this form of communication for your small business is one of the best ways to get attention from your audience. However, you have to factor in many different aspects, in order to have this be effective to your audience/clientele.

Once you have a visually appealing newsletter template with images, videos, call to action buttons and social media links, then be sure to send yourself a test email – so that you can double and even triple check that the design is formatted correctly. In addition, you must check that you have a mobile-friendly version because that is where most people spend their time now-a-days.

Now once that is completed, you must send emails regularly and frequently, plus have a very catchy subject line. You do not want to choose keywords that will notify spam boxes. You need to avoid words and phrases such as win big, win or lose, here’s the money, etc. You need to have clarity and focus when writing your subject lines, since this is the first thing your clients will see in their inbox. In addition, adding a first name code can be beneficial for trust level to your readers. (Thus, increasing your open/click rate).

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