email marketersWhat makes the difference between a good or great email marketing campaign? It’s the marketer themselves! Plus, their content and tools, of course. So, let’s take a closer look at the details… 

Empathy: All digital marketers know who their target audience should be. Great digital marketers understand what they love, what they hate, what makes them scared, and what motivates them. 

Creativity and Analytics: Great digital marketers understand that creativity is only the first step in a successful campaign. Every successful campaign is a combination of great inspiration backed by real data and insights. 

Vision: Great marketers can tell a story. They know why the story matters. They understand the problems they’re trying to solve and have the vision to create a plan to solve them. 

Then, you have a variety of different content that can generate a fantastic buzz such as… 

Video: Many people would much rather watch a video as opposed to reading a report or a 1,000+ word article.  

Webinar: Your ideal client would much rather attend a live event because people trust content more when they are actually able to interact with you directly.  

Blog posts: A weekly post on your blog can make all the difference for your social media presence. 

In addition, to those important characteristics and content, it also takes knowledge of the email marketing softwares. Knowing the options that are at your disposal can really help in reaching your demographic. Therefore, growing your client list… 

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