Email DesignEmail design trends are very important to companies marketing campaigns. If you do not follow what is new and hits the charts (so to speak), then you might lose the interest of your clients. So, what is in store for this new year? There are many personalized and interactive approaches that can be taken in 2018.

Now, there are many design details and tips that you should consider incorporating into your newsletters:

  1. Use more Images, Videos and Emojis: Readers today are very visual. They skim written content a lot, so it is extremely important to have visuals that can represent your marketing points well.
  2. Use More Bite Size Email Content: Really justify the place of every paragraph, sentence and word in your emails. (Make sure it is absolutely necessary, if not, then hit the delete button).
  3. Have Stronger, Story Telling Abilities: For whatever written content you do plan to include, try to tell a story rather than taking a factual approach. Try to relate to the readers from personal experience because it will have a more effective outcome.
  4. Have a Clear and Easy Way to Unsubscribe: I know that this particular point might seem a bit odd, however it is very crucial to have an available link that’s easy for readers to find and use.

Basically, when it comes to email design trends, things are always changing and evolving. Now, that might not seem like a good thing, but in reality it is…  With these change comes innovation and opportunities for better, stronger email efforts.

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