Having a discovery call is the sales step to hook the potential client and turn them into a full time client. However, it does take a certain finesse to close the sale! 

There are certain steps to try for success such as… 

1 Pre-strategize and role play: Practice your discovery calls to listen back. Try to pick up on negative language or phrases that you may want to drop from your calls.

2 Record your discovery calls: Recording your calls provides the perfect opportunity to revisit every word and emotion in the conversation. Not to mention the ability to coach ourselves to better results! 

3 Set the agenda and get prospects to buy: Too often reps jump straight into their discovery call with an interrogation of questions. This discussion should be an opportunity to discover, learn, and build value. 

4 Ask questions: Relevant and meaningful questions are key to the success of finding out more about the prospects’ situation, but crucially their compelling reason as to why they want your service. 

5 Tell a story: People want to hear how similar personas have shared challenges and experiences that they can resonate with. 

6 Work the close: The aim is to summarize the specific areas in which you feel your services will be of value to them and their business. Basically, how you will help? 

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