Copywriting is so important with today’s marketing. Most marketing is done online, particularly with social media. Writing social media ads for your ideal client is the best way to help scale your business. There are a few different components though that you need to consider when writing up these ads. 

You need to stop and think about the following…

  1. Emotional triggers: If your audience feels a connection to your ad, then they are more than likely to have some form of an engagement with you. If they feel sympathy or empathy, you have connected with them. 
  2. Create unique, keyword: Just like when you are writing a blog post you have to be concerned about your SEO because keywords are extremely important, and the same goes for ads. It’s important to find those words that will make your target market turn their heads and focus. 
  3. Focus on the benefit: When you think about spending money on the ad, you have to think about the rewards that those ads will reap. Will people be interested in your signature service or product? 

When you stop and think about all the social media platforms, Facebook in particular, you run ads on your business page to have engagements soar, so it’s more than just a reach. The more individuals you make contact with the better. You’ll see this in the reactions they have and in the comments they make. 

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