Are you on the LinkedIn platform daily? Do you generate warm or hot leads from your network? Well, LinkedIn is rolling out a brand new feature called Creator Mode. It’s beneficial because it allows you to gain more influence with your connections. Just like Instagram does with its followers.  

Basically, this mode allows you to create specific hashtags for you and your business. It will show how many connections you actually have rather than just 500+ connections. Plus, you can create a video for your background instead of just using a photo you created in Canva. It will also move your ‘Featured’ and ‘Activity’ sections to the top of your Profile to more prominently display the content you post. Lastly, there is a gender pronouns field at the top of user profiles, giving people more ways to express their identity.

So, do you think this is something worth exploring? Marketing is all about testing, so why not try it? You can captivate your audience before even speaking with them, if you’re an entrepreneur or you’re trying to attract recruiters. Getting in on the ground floor of this opportunity could potentially lead to new aspects down the road. 

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