creative marketing strategies Having a marketing plan and making frequent adjustments to it is very crucial. Inventive and creative marketing strategies can really increase growth for small businesses (even if you have a lot of clients or many orders pouring in).

Now, there are various marketing aspects to consider such as media, affiliates, research, keywords, targets, network and much more… However, there are some outside of the box ideas that you might want to consider as well…

  1. Develop An Awesome Elevator Pitch: This you need to have handy at all times. It’s short, sweet and to the point and you need to be engaging. Making that good, first impression will make or break the potential deal.
  2. Get Involved Online and Offline: Start by joining social media groups and in-person networking groups. Attend conferences and events in order to develop meaningful, business relationships that can create collaborative opportunities for the future.
  3. Write a Book: By writing a book, you’ll have a real chance to target you niche and with self-publishing right at your finger tips this is virtually possible!
  4. Speak in Public: Don’t be afraid of public speaking. Getting your voice and brand out there is the best thing you can ever do for your team and company.
  5. Ask for Creative Testimonials: Asking for testimonies is extremely important. You can add it to your website and this can help potential clients make the decision to contact you.

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