programs If you’re a business, life, or career coach it’s important to have a program. Here are steps to help you develop your lessons… 

1 Define your Purpose: Just think about these points and you’ll have a great start for designing your signature coaching program…

My signature coaching program helps who and solves what? They start step one with their current mindset and when they finish all the steps they will have a completely new mindset. The signature coaching program will guide them through actionable material on the core topics.  

2 Map out the Steps: First, brainstorm all the topics that you will need to cover to get someone from where they are now, to where they’ll be once the coaching program is completed. 

Second, write each topic on a post-it note and structure them on a wall or window (they stick better.) Seeing the topics like this will help you to order them into a logical hierarchy and then into a flow of steps. Before you know it you have the outline for your very own signature coaching program!

3 Create Resources and Products: Now, that it’s written, use your signature coaching program as the framework to build a cohesive, rich coaching practice with a diverse range of helpful resources and products. Create assets like a blog, Facebook page, Facebook Group, workbooks, eBooks, online courses, and even a structured one-on-one coaching. 

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