Creating online courses is perfect for your clients that are on the go! There are a couple of ways to develop these programs. Teachable and Udemy are some excellent choices. 

Teachable was one of the first platforms to launch in this category and remains one of the most popular. The Teachable team has created a platform that enables you to offer online courses “on your website and control your branding, student data, and pricing all from one place.”

Pricing starts at $39 per month ($29 if paid annually) for its basic plan. With the lowest level paid plan you still pay a 5% transaction fees on all sales. 

Transaction fees disappear once you jump up to the next level. All plans include unlimited courses and students. 

Then, the goal of Udemy is to enable anyone to learn from world experts. The platform gives subject matter experts a simple, straightforward way to assemble content like PowerPoint slides, PDF documents, and YouTube videos into a coherent course experience. You can then publish in the Udemy marketplace and use a variety of tools to promote your masterpieces. 


Udemy is free for instructors and the company makes its money by keeping 50%, if it sells your course. However, if you make the sale, you keep 97%, and they take a 3% transaction fee. Keep in mind, that you are currently required to price your courses between $20 and $200.   


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