Credit: Austin Distel/Unsplash

What do you share with your audience on a daily basis? What social media platforms do you use?  Do you focus on profiles, pages, groups, or all of the above? Knowing your audience is the key to creating content they will connect with. A connected audience is one that will buy your product or service.

How do you know whether or not your audience is connecting with your content?

It is actually more about the comments that your audience leaves rather than just having them follow you. Direct audience interaction is a good indicator: it’s not enough to just click “like” on your posts; high-performing content entices your audience to leave comments (good or bad) and to engage directly with other people on the thread, or with you in your comment replies.

Whether the content is a short-form video, blog post, social post, visual post (Instagram, Pinterest), or a combination thereof, your audience will connect with content that speaks directly to them. Look over your social posts from the last month. Which ones drew the most response, and which drew no response?

Keep in mind audiences have grown more sophisticated since the earlier days of digital marketing: “click bait” is no longer popular as a driver of audience engagement. Keep your content short and have it speak directly to a specific need your audience has.

If you’re not sure where to post, check the analytics reports from each platform that will provide insight into age, location, gender, and other key audience characteristics. Focus on the social platform where the audience is most active. Stick with the channels where your content tends to perform best. Not everyone needs to utilize all available social platforms to be successful in their business. Focus on quality over quantity when it comes to your social posts, and watch your audience connect…and grow.