webinar So, you have a particular topic that you want to share with your target audience. Then, maybe it’s time to schedule a Webinar! There are so many things to consider when setting up…

1. Define your Goal for Hosting: If you want to get more followers, friends, likes, and email subscribers so that you can market other products/services, then you should consider hosting a free event. If you’re teaching, then you obviously need to charge.
2. Determine Your Budget: The technology needed to host a webinar can be very expensive. If you want to host a free webinar, then try Google Hangouts On Air. However, if you want to host a paid webinar, then try GoToMeeting.
4. Understand Your Audience: You’ll get fewer registrations for a paid event than a free one, but a higher percentage of people will show up to the paid because they won’t want to waste money. Whereas, the drop off rate for free webinars is pretty high.
5. Consider Your Subject Matter: Does the audience really need to be at the live event or have a replay? Is the subject matter something that your audience needs to know right away, or can they learn it over time?
6. Your Presenters: People are more than willing to pay to attend online events with big name speakers within their niche. If you can attract that type of speaker who is a known expert and is sought after, then you’ll want to definitely charge.

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