Visuals If you own a company you know how important it is to have a well designed logo. If you’re a blogger, then you know how important visuals can be to capture and engage your audience properly. Especially, if it’s a very long written blog post. Images help readers to focus better, especially if it is in point with your subheadings, number or bullet points, etc.

Also remember, that most people make decisions quicker when images are used. If you can get the message across with an image you’re more likely to get people to take action! It almost has the same effect as a call to action button. In addition to heavily posting images, be sure to ask questions in the comment section. This invites fans to reply back, and then you can seeks their opinions for further feedback.

Now, our brains tend to greatly work on visual processing. So, by using videos, graphs, picture quotes, screenshots and more… it will only help your company to grow. Basically, visuals help to communicate a clear and concise message without interpreting things incorrectly. Your information will end up being retained rather than getting lost in the shuffle blogs out there.

Lastly, another end result of using images is the sharing that occurs on social networks. Think about Facebook and Twitter, and how your post always generates an image. This will definitely create a buzz for your event, new product, promotional discount, etc.

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