Business challengesSo what are your biggest business challenges? Are you having issues with marketing? This can be a difficult area to conquer. It can lead to a successful business or possibly a flop. Now, in order to make it a flip, you will need to take on blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, website design and much more…

Now, it might appear to be a bit overwhelming, but it is actually very doable. Just look at it piece by piece:

  1. Blogging: When you are first starting out you really should write 2 blogs per week and make sure that you have a very strong SEO. Then once, you are more established you can drop it down to one post per week.
  2. Social Media: You should have a page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. How often and when you should post is a bit different for each social network. Think of it as a formula to gain likes, followers, connections, etc…
  3. Email Marketing: If you have standard templates that is a start, but every so often you have to edit your designs. Changing up the visuals (images, videos) is important to attract potential clients. As for time, keeping track of your stats/reports of your open/click rate will help you to determine the best possible time to schedule your campaigns.
  4. Content Management Systems: Updating your website from time to time is important for search engine ranking. If nothing has changed in a while, then chances are you dropped down in the search ranks. Making theme changes can really assist with this issue.

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