Visual Marketing In today’s world, having visual marketing is absolutely vital in order to have a successful business. Visuals catch potential clients’ attention and allows them to engage with you by commenting, sending emails, making phone calls, etc. This can only help you to improve your products or services from their feedback.

There are so many ways to have visuals reach your target market such as social media, email marketing, videos, graphic design and much more…

  1. Social Media: First, you can begin with basic graphics such as picture quotes. Then, you can start posting more advance visuals like a live video on Facebook. This will have people running to your page!
  2. Email Marketing: Now, I know that most individuals get at least 100 emails per day, but if you have videos in your newsletter, then you will most likely increase your open/click rate.
  3. Graphic Design: Graphics help you design your website (from background colors to cover photos) and your logo (the face of your brand). Graphics also come in handy, if you’re writing a book as well.
  4. Videos: Now, I know I mentioned videos above, but you can have videos right on your websites homepage. This is an opportunity to tell your audience all about your services.

In addition, you can even tie all of these above aspects together. Start with a newsletter and include a video for an upcoming event or promotion, then make social media postings. This will greatly increase site and social media stats/insights.

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