podcastFor the first time podcasters, there are many steps involved to launch your podcast. It takes time to develop everything that you need to build up an audience.          

Below I’ve provided resources, which will help you to get everything accomplished. 

Here are the steps of starting a podcast… 

1 Work on a name and niche: Who is your audience (aka avatar)? 

2 Get your podcast cover image: Hire a graphic designer or freelance artist to create your vision. 

3 Get Podcast intro + outro music: Get a video editor to assist in creating the introduction with memes. 

4 Get Podcasting equipment: You need special software to stream and the proper microphone to get your audio well heard.

5 Create an environment and process: Create an office location that has the right vibe. 

6 Recording your first show: Record each and every podcast to create an archive for say YouTube. 

7 Get Podcast hosting: Do you want it to be just you hosting with guests or two hosts on a consistent basis?

8 Upload & publish your first podcast: iTunes is excellent and they have keywords that help to search podcasts 

9 Promote Your Podcast: Use different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

Then, take the time to outline all your ideas for each one of these steps and you’ll be launching your first show before you know it!  

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