So, do you need to gather or increase your current target market for your business to grow further? Do you want to go to the next level? Well, in order to accomplish this, you will need to attract, engage, and then convert your audience into full time/permanent clients.

Now, you might be asking yourself various questions such as… How do I attract the best audience? How do I properly engage the members of that particular audience? The answer is simple… by finding the right place and time, of course!

If you break down the three aspects (attract, engage and convert) into points and review their sub-points, then you will have a successful business and marketing plan in place ready to execute at a moments notice.

So, let’s start by reviewing the following:

Attract: (aka your reach) search visibility, views and impressions, traffic source, content distribution, brand sentiment, media and blog placement

Engage: (aka content consumption) page views, click through rate, social network size, social interactions, content interactions, time on site, comments and shares

Convert: (aka the form data captured) newsletter subscriptions, demo and trial request, contact us, order volumes/frequency/length of sales/revenue per order

By focusing on these three very important points, it will allow you to emerge and discover various levels of accountability of your business performance. Content operations has various moving parts and can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, especially if your team is not large enough or fully equipped to accommodate everything.

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