social media Social media is extremely important for today’s businesses. You need to stay on top of your posting, sharing, and comments. However, you also need to be on top of your competitors as well. Think about it, if a similar company is doing better with their likes and engagements, then what can you do to figure out their secret?

Well, there are four, amazing tools that can assist you with this very easily, and they are called Fanpage Karma, LikeAlyzer, Klear, and Twitonomy.

Now, Fanpage Karma will actually analyze your account, along with your competitors’ accounts across various networks like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. However, its most useful features fall within the Facebook realm.

LikeAlyzer will do a quick check of any Facebook page. The tool is commonly used for competitive research, since it doesn’t require access to Facebook insights, in order to do its magic!

Klear serves as both an influencer and identification platform, plus an analytics dashboard. Search for influencers by skill or location and it will generate 10 influencers in multiple categories such as celebrities, power users, casual, and more…

Lastly, Twitonomy has a free, account analysis tool. Sign in via your Twitter account, and then you can opt to see the analysis for your account or any Twitter handle that you choose. Plus, the free plan will also send you weekly reports and alerts as a bonus.

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