editorial If you’re a writer than you probably have so many ideas that you need to organize them with the help of an editorial calendar. Now to be more specific, an editorial calendar can be used by bloggers, publishers, and businesses alike, in order to control publication of content across different medias such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, email newsletters, social media outlets, and much more…

So, when you are creating your editorial calendar you will need to include the following:

  1. Description (an article outline)
  2. Time zone (EST, PT, etc.)
  3. Owner (AKA the byline for the writer)
  4. Organization (Title of the blog, magazine, etc.)
  5. Deadline Date

In addition to those standard aspects, you can also include special writings like:

  1. Events
  2. Holidays
  3. A Product Launch
  4. Theme Days

Now, this can actually be a very strategic tool when you use it correctly, and make the effort to go that extra mile. It will help to balance and manage your time efficiently. Basically, it provides many benefits such as…

  1. Providing a specific place to generate post ideas and key topics.
  2. Assign writing and editorial tasks to members of your team.
  3. Create a publishing schedule that helps you maintain a consistent online presence.
  4. Visualize your marketing strategy, so that everyone is able to understand it.
  5. Act as a direct point communication for your team members.

This will build a framework that creates a deliberate and intentional way of reaching and building trust with your audience. Simply by planning your work, you are working your plan!

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