6 conversion killersA key component to a successful online business is your conversion rate. In other words, the number of visitors that become customers, either through purchasing a course or items from your online shop.

Nearly 69 percent of shoppers will abandon their cart in the process of shopping or enrolling online. Find out why that may be happening with your site, and what you can do about it.

No secure check-out

Let’s face it. Online thieves have become more sophisticated over time. Consumers want to know their information will be safe. If your site has no “secure check-out” features or messaging, your visitors may shop elsewhere.

Check-out process isn’t mobile-friendly

Nearly 23 percent of consumers make their online purchase through a mobile device. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, that could be driving away potential customers.

Mandatory account creation process

Did you know that 37 percent of prospective customers will walk away when faced with a mandatory account creation process? People are busy. Chances are, they’re trying to make their purchase while waiting for their order at Tim Horton’s.

Make check-out easy by allowing first-time enrollees or purchasers to check out as a guest, with the option to create an account later on.

Long sign-up process

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a long enrollment or sign-up process. Make your enrollment or sign-up process short and sweet. Name, email address, and payment information should be all that’s needed.

Make other fields optional and make the form user-friendly with pull-down menus and/or radio buttons.

Complicated check-out process

Your check-out process should be like your sign-up form: short and sweet. Limit check-out to one page and your prospects are more likely to stay to finish the process. Skip the pop-ups promoting your other products and services.

Lack of reviews

Consumers want to know why they should purchase your product or enroll in your course.  Have a testimonials or review page on your site or integrate one or two reviews into your other pages.

Testimonials and reviews build credibility, and customers feel a stronger sense of trust in your product.  Customers are wary when it comes to buying from a new or unknown source. Make yourself known with testimonials and reviews from previous customers.

Online purchasing and enrollment is here to stay. Ensure your longevity and customer loyalty by avoiding the conversion killers above. Turn prospects into customers with a site that is secure, mobile-friendly, offers a quick check-out and sign-up process, and features reviews and testimonials.

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